Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Immoveo?

Immoveo is the up-and-coming Instant Buyer in the Italian market.

An Instant Buyer is a real estate operator who uses online tools to define the value of your property, based on the data you provide, who makes you an "instant" purchase offer, in cash, for your home.

This model, easier and faster than the traditional one, owes its success to 3 factors:

  • High speed in sale operations, obtained through the use of technology - hence the term PropTech (PROPerty TECHnology) - that characterizes the operators of this market
  • A low operating profit, which benefits both the seller and future buyers
  • A capital-intensive that allows you to operate on the market, to the benefit of the private player, industrializing the process

Immoveo is a second-generation instant buyer, attentive to the user needs and the sustainability of the entire process.

What are the advantages of immediate sale, compared to the traditional system?

Selling to Immoveo is a fast and efficient system that saves your time, avoids a long series of visits, often unsuccessful, to your property and, above all, drastically shortens the time needed to sell your estate at the right price.

With our sales program, you won't have to do any work on your property, you won't have to set it up for visits by potential buyers or attend appointments.

Immoveo, with its "Immoveo Flex" program, unlike many other professionals, allows you to program the release date of the estate with certainty, allowing you to manage the transition to your new home without any stress. Immoveo adapts to your times, we can be fast or flexible. It's up to you!

Is your property empty and are you ready to sell? The “Immoveo Fast system” program is for you, you will sell your property in just 30 days!

How does the sale work with Immoveo?

Immoveo offers a radically simplified experience for the sale and purchase of homes.

If you sell a house, you will just have to enter the data of your house in the simple questionnaire .

Using dedicated technologies, Immoveo can collect the information necessary to define the value of a property. Immoveo is committed to providing its first detailed estimate, via mail, within 24 hours. The service is free and does not entail any obligation.

The estimate will then be validated with a virtual inspection followed by a preliminary offer, which will be confirmed within 7 days by a technical inspection by the Immoveo Certified Professional . At this point, we will have all the data to make an "Irrevocable Purchase Proposal" for the cash sale of your property, subordinate to verification of the accuracy of the documentation provided and the feasibility of the intervention.

If the property is not among those of interest to Immoveo, you will still have useful information on your property and you can take advantage of the discount guaranteed to Immoveo clients by the "Affiliated Real Estate Agency " in the area.

Our certified professionals, acting as third parties in accordance with professional ethics, will verify the conditions relating to the urban development law and the technical and economic feasibility of the intervention. Within 14 days we will send you the confirmation of our offer!

At this point, we'll be ready when you are to go to the notary and formalize the contracts by paying the entire agreed sum. You can choose between the "Immoveo Fast system" method and complete the process in 7 days, or choose the "Immoveo Flex" and tell us when you want to complete the sale.

Do I need a realtor to sell my property with Immoveo?

No. The days when you needed a real estate agent to sell a property, do renovations, or open your home to strangers are over!

There is a new, faster, and simpler way to sell your home without problems, which is by selling to Immoveo!

After examining Immoveo's offer you have decided to prefer a realtor? No problem: Immoveo will connect you with the "Affiliated Real Estate Agency " in the area that will take care of you under unique conditions: 2% commission is guaranteed for all Clients reported by Immoveo

What does the Immoveo "Irrevocable Purchase Proposal" contain?

First, it should be clear that an irrevocable purchase proposal is a unilateral act, subject to certain conditions, which binds only the person who formulates it, that is Immoveo!

Only after it has been accepted by the seller, it turn into a preliminary sale.

The offer contains the most important information relating to the sale of your property, starting from the purchase price.

If accepted by the seller, the irrevocable proposal will become binding after the technical-administrative confirmations of one of our Certified Professional.

How can I check the accuracy of an offer?

Immoveo operates according to high standards of professional integrity. Our offers are drafted following thoroughly the rules protecting both parties.

The price indicated in our proposal refers to the market value of your property, calculated using the most up-to-date valuation algorithms, as you will have a chance to see when you receive our detailed and non-binding estimate.

The experience of our Certified Professionals, qualified according to the highest market standards, will serve, if necessary, to validate our offer, according to objective criteria to protect both parties.

I am not satisfied with the financial offer received, can I negotiate with Immoveo?

Once Immoveo sends you its Irrevocable Purchase Proposal , the value is set as the basis of the evaluations for the feasibility of the intervention. For this reason, it will not be possible to change the offer price. What we can guarantee you is flexibility in the terms of release of the property, that can be negotiated according to the parameters of the "Immoveo Flex”.

If you are not satisfied with our offer, you will still have useful information on your property and you can take advantage of the discount guaranteed to Immoveo clients by the "Affiliated Real Estate Agency " in the area.

Does the Immoveo service have any costs?

No hidden costs with Immoveo!

The purchase proposal already takes into account the time required to resell your home, ensuring clients a competitive offer and the flexibility, with the "Immoveo Flex", to move when they are ready.

Our strategy is based on careful planning and demanding financial procedures that provide for the acquisition of properties at an average price that is 7% lower than the market to cover our costs exclusively. The offer you will receive will be very competitive and you will have an undeniable financial advantage, collecting 100% of the value of your property 6 months earlier than usual. As an added benefit, you won't have to pay the commission to the agency!

Our income will come from the redevelopment of the property.

Do I have to make renovations to be able to sell to Immoveo?

Immoveo relies on the current state of your property to determine the value to which the offer is to be made. No work is required to sell to Immoveo. We will take care of everything.

I have given the mandate to a real estate agency, can I sell to Immoveo?

Immoveo has a network of Agenzie Immobiliari Affiliate but collaborates with all market operators based on transparent agreements of mutual convenience. Get in touch with your agency and we will negotiate with them to allow you to use our service.

What types of properties is Immoveo interested in for instant purchase?

Immoveo is constantly committed to offering competitive prices and an excellent experience to its customers. This is why we like to be clear and transparent about the kind of properties we buy directly on the market. Due to market conditions, our purchase criteria may change at any time, as there may be exceptions to what is stated below. Contact us if you would like more information on our purchase process.

We mainly look for accommodation in the center of the cities where we operate, near work or cultural, historical, environmental, social, and artistic centers such as ministries, universities, museums, hospitals, sea, lake, generally areas with average population density.

We are not particularly interested in the internal state of your property, which will in any case be regenerated to give it a new life. On the contrary, we are interested in the conditions of the building, both internal and external, because we will not be able to intervene in that.

Finally, we are generally interested in large properties.

Does your property fall outside of these categories? Ask us for an estimate anyway: the service is free and without obligation and, if you wish, we will connect you with our Affiliated Real Estate Agency in the area, who will guarantee you a priority treatment and a guaranteed commission of only 2%.

When do I have to move out of my property?

Immoveo is an instant buyer and, according to the "Immoveo Fast system", in the binding proposal, it will invite you to move out of your property by the date of signing the contract at the notary, with simultaneous payment of the entire agreed value.

If you have other needs, we are ready to discuss them with you and to agree on flexible release conditions based on the parameters of our “Immoveo Flex". When you are ready, we will be too!

What is the “Immoveo Fast” program?

The "Immoveo Fast system” program is Immoveo's standard purchase method.

It's based on a fast schedule for the completion of contractual documents with simultaneous payment of 100% of the agreed value.

If your property is already vacant, or if you are sure you can vacate it within 30 days, then "Immoveo Fast" is the sales method for you!

"Immoveo Fast" will allow you to speed up the selling process, avoiding the string of numerous visits to your property by the real estate agent if you have one, and will allow you to have your cash in just 30 days, against a national average of over 200 days.

What is the “Immoveo Flex” program?

The "Immoveo Flex" program is the Immoveo purchase method dedicated to those who are not ready to move out of the house in 30 days.

It is based on a personalized schedule for the completion of contractual documents based on your needs.

If you ask us to activate the "Immoveo Flex" method, following receipt of the preliminary purchase offer, we will report the times indicated by you in the upcoming "Irrevocable Purchase Proposal".

"Immoveo Flex" will allow you to speed up the sale process, avoid the string of numerous visits to your property by the real estate agent if you have one, and will allow you to have your cash exactly when you need it, against a national average of over 200 days.

Upon acceptance of the proposal, you will be able to collect the deposit, while 100% of the agreed value will be delivered to you upon completion of the contracts and release of the estate. Contact us if you would like more information on the conditions of our personalized purchase process.

What is the “Immoveo Plus” program?

The Immoveo Plus program is the Immoveo purchase method dedicated to those who want more!
If you choose this method and your payment times are flexible, we are ready to overestimate your property up to 10% compared to the market value that we apply in the Immoveo Fast system.

With Immoveo Plus you can ensure a buyer who will pay you a guaranteed price higher than the market price at certain times, Immoveo has the right solution for you.
If you ask us to activate the "Immoveo Plus" method, following receipt of the preliminary purchase offer, we will give you all the necessary information for you to understand our proposal and the guaranteed timing. In the following "Irrevocable Purchase Proposal" we will report the agreed times and amounts.

Upon acceptance of the proposal, you can collect the deposit, the payment of 100% of the agreed value will be delivered to you with the agreed timing and methods.

What are the characteristics of the properties built by Immoveo?

The eco-properties built by Immoveo, which you can find for sale in the appropriate section of our site, are characterized by a green soul. In our renovations, we prefer natural materials, energy efficiency, and the use of intelligent technologies that guarantee high levels of living comfort and the reduction of energy consumption. Immoveo chooses only materials composed of non-toxic substances and makes sure that the materials are found within a limited range of distance from the location of use.

The properties we sell are characterized by a high degree of comfort and energy-saving and are also intelligent thanks to sensible and non-invasive use of home automation.

For a more extensive description, you can refer to the appropriate section of our site.

The properties we deliver to our customers are covered by an Immoveo warranty extended to 3 years and equipped with the Immoveo House Book .

What is the “My Dream Home!” Program?

The exclusive Immoveo program "My Dream Home!" is a system that, after having collected information on your ideal home through a short survey, connects your request to other similar requests from Immoveo customers through a search algorithm, which will allow us to find you a customized solution.

Contact us if you would like more information on the conditions and functioning of the program.

If you want to participate in the program, start with our survey!

We will make sure to take care of your dreams and make them come true by finding an estate that suits you.

Chi sono i Professionisti Certificati Immoveo?

Immoveo Certified Professionals are qualified technicians outside the organization, based on Immoveo's rigid Professional Qualification System..

Our qualification System is designed to ensure our customers the professionalism, competence, and experience of our professionals, to protect the parties based on professional ethics.

The Certified Professionals draw up the due diligence on the property, following the acceptance of the Irrevocable Purchase Proposal by the seller.

Who are the Immoveo Affiliate Agencies?

The Immoveo affiliated agencies have been individually qualified according to our evaluation parameters of their competence and seriousness, based on knowledge of the real estate market in the area.

Affiliated Agencies are cutting-edge in the use of new digital media, to improve the customer experience.

If Immoveo customers decide to sell or buy through the network of Affiliated Agencies, instead of buying directly with Immoveo, they will be entitled to preferential treatment. You can rely on them with serenity and you will have their expertise at your disposal with a commission of only 2%, exclusively designed for Immoveo customers.

What are the Immoveo Qualified Companies?

The Immoveo Qualified Companies are construction companies qualified according to the "rigid Immoveo Business Qualification System".

Our qualification system is designed to ensure our customers the competence, reliability, quality, and punctuality of the construction companies that build the properties we sell. Our Qualification System verifies that companies have all the technical and administrative documents necessary to carry out the work, following current regulations and in full respect of the environment. e nel pieno rispetto dell’ambiente.

Qualified Companies have all the legal requirements that allow them to issue certifications on the systems in support of the properties.

For the benefit of its Customers, Immoveo has agreed, with its Qualified Companies, a 3-year warranty program to cover the proper functioning of the systems in your new home!

What does the Immoveo warranty program cover?

Immoveo, supported by its QUALIFIED COMPANIES, issues its Customers a warranty on the functioning of the plant components of its properties extended to 3 years of coverage.

What is the Immoveo house book?

The Immoveo “House Book” is a systematic collection, supplied on digital support, of all the components that make up your property. This collection includes:

  • The technical and administrative documents of your property
  • The certificates of the plants of your property
  • The instructions for the maintenance of the property
  • The instruction and warranty booklets for the equipment supplied with your property
  • The specifications of the materials used for the construction of your property and the indications on their finding for possible future procurements.



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