The “Immoveo Fast” program is Immoveo's standard purchase method. It is based on a fast schedule for the completion of contractual documents with simultaneous payment of 100% of the agreed value.

What is the “Immoveo Fast” program?

The “Immoveo Fast” program is Immoveo's standard purchase method.


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It's based on a fast schedule for the completion of contractual documents with simultaneous payment of 100% of the agreed value within 30 days from the date of receipt of the first request for an offer.


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If your property is already vacant, or if you are sure you can vacate it within 30 days, then “Immoveo Fast system” is the sales method for you!


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Immoveo Fast system" will allow you to speed up the purchase process, avoid the string of numerous visits to your property by the real estate agent if you have one, and will allow you to have your cash in just 30 days, against an average of over 200 days.


Step 1

Day 0

Request the free evaluation

Ask Immoveo for the free and non-binding evaluation of your property

Step 2

Day 1

Get the free evaluation

Get a detailed evaluation form of your property, within 24 hours, directly on your email. The service is free and does not entail any obligation. If you're interested, you can ask us for an offer

Step 3

Day 2

First contact with IMMOVEO

If you have requested an offer, our staff will contact you and assist you in the process of the offer's formulation.

Step 4

Day 9

Inspection of your property

After carrying out the first virtual inspection, we will already be able to provide you with our preliminary offer. If you're interested in our proposal, we will arrange, within the following 7 days, an on-site inspection by our Certified Professional who will allow us, if the conditions are met, to send you our "irrevocable purchase offer" for the cash sale of your estate, subordinate to verification of the accuracy of the documentation provided and the feasibility of the intervention. Our staff will assist you in understanding the simple procedures and when you'll be ready, you can sign the proposal!

Step 5

DAY 23

Final evaluation

Our certified professionals, acting as third parties in accordance with professional ethics, will verify the conditions relating to the urban development law and the technical and economic feasibility of the intervention. Within 14 days we will send you the confirmation of our offer!

Step 6

DAY 30

Meeting with the notary

In 7 days, if you have chosen to proceed with the Immoveo Fast method, we will be ready to go to the notary and formalize the contracts by paying the entire agreed sum. Do you prefer the Immoveo Flex or Immoveo Plus? When you will be ready to sell, we will be ready to buy.

* Each step of this process has been thoroughly examined and planned in order not to miss a day. If it is possible and you ask for it, we will try, without obligation, to anticipate the times to shorten the process.


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