About Us


Immoveo's mission is to redefine the Real Estate market with transparent, flexible, fast, and ecological solutions.



Immoveo is the reference point in the Instant Buyer market.

Immoveo is an integrated digital platform that, through the use of technology, provides reliable and flexible solutions to drastically reduce the purchase times of properties. ImmoX, the proprietary valuation algorithm, combined with advanced technology, content, and connections, provides users with the detailed information they need in the area of real estate appraisals.

Thanks to the transparent process with international standards, Immoveo can provide an experience keeping up with the dynamism and challenges of the ever-changing real estate market.

Immoveo is the first Instant Buyer able to create and sell eco-sustainable properties at fair prices.


Immoveo Team

Immoveo was born from the international experience of the partners in the Real Estate, Business organization, and Digital Technologies market.

The founding members and shareholders have gained important skills by covering managerial roles in highly competitive companies in the construction market, in Real Estate, and the network of distributed networks (Real Estate Agencies).

Our Team, as well as its partners, is made up of young professionals and researchers in the fields of computer science, finance, and artificial intelligence applied to machine learning and big data.

We are a team of people who share a passion, who believe in new ideas and innovation. Each one of us brings a contribution, a value, an idea. We trust every person in our team and believe we deserve the trust of the people we come in contact with.